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RE: [papercreters] Not missing in action, just on extended leave.

Wah-hoooo its….. back…..


Hey  great to hear from you.  I am on a bit of my own furlough since I too have had some major changes in my life.  Not the least of which is that I got an offer on my land which I could not refuse so for the foreseeable future I am out of the papercrete game.  However I am still usually lurking around listening and enjoying, keeping an ear out for any major new adaptations or innovations. I hope things are bright for your future and look forward to hearing from you regularly again.  You have been missed, Welcome back.


Spaceman has really been carrying the bulk of the load in your absence and deserves most of the credit for keeping us all on the path to happy enlightenment :- )




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The following was posted in another thread:

"This has always been a great list with plenty of helpful friendly folks, it just has slowed down lately. We really miss the energy of our fearless leader who kept things hopping. Slurry Guy, where are you?"



Be careful what you ask for spaceman.  You just might get what you ask for and regret it!


Hello everyone.  Sorry that I have been absent from the group for so long, but my life got extremely complicated for a while.  The reasons don't matter, are unrelated to papercrete,  and are rather personal, so I won't bother boring everyone by sharing details.  Suffice it to say, I had other important things to deal with, and one of the choices I made was to let the AWESOME moderators on this group take care of things without my help for a while.  I haven't caught up on every message during my absence (yet), but I plan on going back and reading them all.  By the looks of things, the mods have kept things running along nicely.

I hope every single member of this group appreciates the efforts of the VOLUNTEER moderators.  Nobody is earning any money from this group, not even me.  Those that help keep this group running do so to the best of their abilities to keep information flowing, to help others, and to have a little fun in the process.


Please make sure to thank the moderators.   No need to create a bunch of boring special thank you threads.  The best way to thank those that keep this group going is to post about something you've done with papercrete or ask a question.  The cooler it is the better, but it need not be anything extravagant either, and then feel free to tag on a thank you to the moderators at the end of that message.


Thank-you's are the only compensation moderators receive, and I know from experience that reading about something cool someone has done with papercrete, and then getting a thank you for keeping the group going really helps make all the efforts worthwhile.


Our moderators are outstanding people.  From me to all of them, THANK YOU.  You are needed and appreciated.  I shudder to think what would have happened to this group without our outstanding mods during the past while.  It was sure nice to know that the group was in good hands.


On that note, I'm quadrupling every moderator's salary.  Four times the big fat zilch you're currently getting paid.  You've all earned more than that, but it's the best I can do.

So... are we having fun around here and learning about papercrete?

It's March.  It's approaching building season.  What is everyone planning?   Somebody must have some papercrete plans for this spring/summer.  Have any half completed sketches that might be fun to throw at the group and talk about?  Photos of any new papercrete tools you acquired/built?  Nothing says fun with papercrete like a photo of a new mixer, or a photo big humongous stockpile of paper just itching for the weather to warm up and get pulped.


How about status updates about projects you completed previously?

If you have a structure that has been up for a few years, how about some new photos?  How is the structure dealing with the weather?  What kind of maintenance and/or repairs have you performed?  Any photos and details of your maintence or repairs would be interesting.  Have you had any ideas or revelations about what you built and would do differently now that you've lived with the project for a while?

How is the plaster/stucco holding up?  Any close up photos?

How about art projects?


Fun projects with kids?

Start a thread.  Share your plans, even if they are not finalized yet.  Give an update. 

And don't be afriad to share some good humor along the way as long as it doesn't distract too much from discussing papercrete.  Heck, feel free to give me a hard time for being gone so long.  I have it coming. 

Remember, the only way for a member to become "pulp-ular" on Papercreters is to post about your projects.


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