Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Re: [papercreters] Ed Conoly-mostly NON papercrete issues

I'm in agreement that aside from the error in judgment keeping wet papercrete blocks locked up in the house, the main problem was the people ....  those who lied and those who didn't show up.    Having been through the process myself, the most stressful and uncontrollable aspect of building is the workers who you pay to help you.   The only way to avoid that is to check references and do as much as you can yourself.
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From: "Charmaine Taylor" <dirtcheapbuilderbooks@gmail.com>

In reading Eds sad news it looks like outside of the mold issue he had
initially, that it was all the other normal "trades" that messed up
his project.

Even if he had used standard wood, if workers misuse it or dont
show,or do it wrong then it would have been the same.

the snake oil part is I think unfairly pointed at papercrete. the
person who lied to him is the culprit, not the material!

I think his dream got so ahold of him with papercrete that he can only
blame it, and not all the other problems.

I uderstand his agony,and am not picking on him, but in pioneer
territory one has to be open to harsher knocks than in cut and dry
stick framing.

I rented a Supranos (TV show) episode where the 70+ dad built a
$500K spec house of PINE,,and the job was shut down, the older guy dad
kept insisting it was done in his day, and the code guy should look
the other way.but in the end they had to tear it down. I am guessinig
that episode came from somones "reality"-- a real house was built that
way somewhere.
A simple kitchen remodel can cause a divorce, and has, and I have
heard of strawbalers, cobbers, earthshippers and others losing hope
and abandoning it all too..over cost and standard building issues..not
over the straw or clay.

Home building is a long hard process for DIY-- this is why there is
anational industry to slap em up quick.

let's keep that in mind..and go forward with stronger papercrete walls.

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