Thursday, May 8, 2008

RE: [papercreters] Thank You . . . What a great group!

I had some freeze here where cold is 0 but not for long. After it thawed and dried, I could not tell it had done much. Remember, this is not cement/concrete. If you start adding a lot of cement and solids, then you could run into the same problems you have with frozen concrete.
However, I do not plan to use the PC as a structural member, just as infill. If you are going to use PC as a structural member, then you will need to use a lot of cement. I have a bunch of blocks what are just straight slurried paper. A real coarse blend I have made with my pressure washer. We had a 3 inch rain night before last. They sucked a lot of water. I checked the blocks on the top of the stack today and they are pretty dry and light. You would be hard pressed to pull one of the damp ones apart.

"Dave S." <> wrote:
Thanks Curtis,
I've  gotten good chuckles as people shared their 'trailer tongue' up/down stories, yes I've had my share of those Thanks . . . We've got a couple candidates for 'stationery engine' . . . Pretty much impossible not to get a little dirty & scuffed up if you play, isn't it? Hopefully I've learned something from my previous mishaps so I'll do something new & entertaining . . .
Any ideas around what happens when pc freezes while wet? We get some darn interesting days here . . . 70 degree temp changes from morning to night, rain in the morning, block of ice by nightfall which doesn't melt for 4 months. Breaks down some very well made & 'almost' properly installed materials.
I have considerable respect & admiration for the people who lived in this area centuries before I arrived . . . Either natural selection or real determination had them respect what it takes to thrive here. I'll need all the help everyone can bring to create the toughest pc material . . . Worth it, if it works here it works anywhere . . .
We'll have great fun . . .
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Glad you found the group. Be sure to share your sucess and also the failures. A picture of you drenched in PC maybe???
Its gonna happen.
Up there where the popsickles live the PC should be a great material. Just keep it dry!

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