Monday, December 9, 2019

Re: [papercreters] It may be people want to work on something but not write about it. I finished a 7 foot by 60 foot sound stopping wall. It works extremely well. I live in odem on hwy 77 . Built wall to stop hwy noise. I plan on building a home of PC and may add on to garage to make rental property soon. I have molds n poured lowest two feet above that had poured 2 by8 ft panels then screwed them on 4 by 4 post then shot with PC stucco

re:  My compressor shot stucco 20 ft. 18 cm.  Mike
 what size and make of compressor are you using please?
we are looking at a sprayed concrete roof over a rootcellar using basalt reinforcement . I want to put dirt back over it so i suspect i will have to use straight portland mix with no paper due to water issues- catastrophic failure is not an option!
cheers, eo 


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