Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Re: [papercreters] Re: PC Insulation

I'm having a hard time visualizing your situation.  I understand you have studs.  Are they covered with an exterior of some sort and you are going to fill with PC to the interior?  What is the "vapor barrier panel" made of?  Is it sheets of  Thermax or similar?

If you already have a skin on the exterior you could just spray it in the cavities from the inside.  Very little water will come out after the first coat (if you let it dry awhile before applying the second, third etc.)

Or if you do the slip form method you could "work" the slurry for the first couple batches to get some water out of it and then pack it in less wet.  After the first "pour" you wouldn't need to de-water the batches because the lower layers will absorb it all before it runs anywhere.

I agree you want the wall to breathe so don't put a vapor barrier in there.  Also you want the PC to stick to everything it can for strength and sealing.  Having something get wet for a week or two then drying out for good is not all that bad, but I can't envision your situation so can't tell if that is critical for you or not.

If you have a picture or two, start a folder with your project then we would have a better idea of what you are trying to do.  

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>> Is Cincinnati humid in the summer? <<


>> Does it get over 100 degrees Fahrenheit for protracted lengths of time? <<

No, fortunately.

I like the idea of slip forming as the studs are currently open.

But I was concerned about possible water damage caused by water running from the slurry into the vapor barrier/panel that attaches to the outside of the stud, under my aluminum siding.

I had thought about stapling some plastic drop cloth to the wood prior to pouring, but I wanted the wall to breath.

Any ideas?



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